Welcome to Narratiive

This article will help you get acquainted with the Narratiive dashboard

Getting familiar with the dashboard

When you first join a Narratiive team dashboard you'll notice the template picker appear. First up, have a play with a new workspace and, when you're ready, pop back here for a guided tour of some common tasks.

1. Create a workspace

Your dashboard contains a series of workspaces which, in turn, host one or more queries. You can use this collection of queries to help you tell a story.

Start off by following the instructions in our Creating a workspace article to create a new workspace. Come back here when you're ready.

2. Duplicate a query

An efficient way to build the query you want is to borrow a query someone has already created. Be sure to thank them! 🙏

Copy one of the queries from your default workspace into the workspace you created in the previous step by following the instructions in the Duplicating a query article. Pop back when you're done.

3. Modify your query

Now it's time to get your hands dirty and experiment with the query. Don't worry, you can clean up later. 🛀

Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to update the query you just copied to show the gender breakdown of visitors within your chosen country over the past 30 days.

4. Rename your workspace

You mastered the basics of the query builder! 🎉 It's nearly time to show off your good work. But first, let's tidy things up a little.

Follow along the steps in the Renaming a workspace article to name your workspace as you like. Seriously, please yourself! 

5. Invite a team member to join you

Feeling a little lonely? Bring someone else into your team dashboard and share your creation.

Follow the steps in Inviting team members and we'll send your comrade an email inviting them to join your Narratiive team dashboard. Let the fun begin. 🚀

6. Share your workspace

You can share your workspace in one of two ways.

  1. You can open it up as a team workspace; OR
  2. You can keep it private and share it directly with a team mate.

Option 2 needs a team mate to have joined already, so either grab yourself a ️ while you wait for them to join, or follow the steps in Updating workspace privacy to open your workspace as a team workspace.

7. Get in touch

Congratulations, you've successfully completed some of the main tasks in the Narratiive dashboard. And in record time! You deserve a medal. 🏅

Now go forth and use the Narratiive dashboard to tell your own story.

If you need a helping hand at any stage the fastest way to get in touch with us is via the blue chat button in the bottom right corner of each page.

For other contact options, check out the Contacting the Narratiive team article.

Speak to you soon! 💬

Last reviewed: 20 Jul 2018 (AP)

Last updated: 18 Oct 2017 (AP)