Custom Surveys Terms of Service

The following terms shall apply to the Custom Surveys Services provided by Narratiive to a Publisher.

Narratiive has established a co-operative arrangement, under which it will sell survey responses collected through the Publisher’s sites under these Terms of Service. None of the data collected will be personally identifiable information and the data shared will be anonymous.


1.1 The Publisher hereby agrees to the following:

(a) To place Tags on websites or mobile applications in accordance with Narratiive’s tagging specification requirements, as provided to the Client by Narratiive, including the ongoing responsibility to add Tags to new pages and content as they are created;

(b) To allow Narratiive to create or update its cookies, device specific persistent identifiers or browser specific persistent identifiers in response to the tagging call, with the understanding that the Narratiive cookie shall only be allowed to collect anonymous traffic data; and

(c) To include a statement on one or more of its website pages that it is using Narratiive’s Services and it will include a link to the Narratiive’s Privacy Policy in place from time to time.


2.1 Narratiive anticipates being entitled to a share of the income earned from collected survey responses (“Revenue”).

2.2 In consideration for the Publisher’s entry into these Terms of Service, Narratiive has agreed to share that Revenue with the Publisher based on the number of collected survey responses by the Publisher.

2.3 Narratiive will pay the to the Publisher the Percentage notified by Narratiive to the Publisher at the Commencement Date (“Percentage”), with the Percentage being 25% for a non-dashboard Client or 50% for a dashboard Client of the total survey responses collected by the publisher.

2.4 Narratiive will calculate the amount payable to the Publisher in respect of each month in accordance with the payment calculation set out above and will notify the Publisher of this and will remit payment to the Publisher into its nominated bank account via electronic transfer or another means nominated by Narratiive 30 days after Narratiive receives payment from the end user (i.e. Brand or Agency) in respect of the relevant month

2.5 The Publisher acknowledges that the Revenue obtained from this model will vary month to month based on a number of factors, including the number of survey responses collected in a month and the relative value placed on the surveys responses by the market. Narratiive makes no warranties about the amount that will be payable to the Publisher under these Terms of Service.

2.6 If any value added tax, sales tax or other similar tax is or becomes applicable to any amount payable by Narratiive under these Terms of Service, Narratiive and the Publisher acknowledge and agree that the Publisher will be entitled to payment of that tax in addition to the amount payable, provided that: (a) the Publisher has provided to Narratiive a valid tax invoice for the relevant amount; and (b) if, and to the extent that, Narratiive is not able to obtain an equivalent tax credit in respect of the tax paid by Narratiive to the Publisher, Narratiive may adjust the amount payable to the Publisher so that the net payment made by Narratiive to the Publisher remains the same as it would have been had Narratiive been able to obtain a tax credit in respect of the whole amount of the tax paid.

2.7 The Publisher acknowledges and agrees that it must invoice Narratiive for any amount payable by Narratiive to the Publisher within 12 months of the Publisher being notified of the amount payable under clause 2.4 of these Terms of Service. In the event the Publisher does not invoice Narratiive by this date, the Publisher’s share of the Revenue is deemed to be reduced to nil and the Publisher must not make any objection.


3.1 A Publisher who pays Fees to Narratiive to use the Services (and has no Fees outstanding) may opt-out of the Custom Surveys Services at any time by giving one month’s written notice to Narratiive by emailing your account manager.

3.2 Upon termination of these Terms of Service, Narratiive will cease providing the Services to the Publisher and the Publisher must remove all copies of Narratiive’s Intellectual Property from any website or other source where it was featured by the Publisher.


4.1 The Publisher acknowledges and agrees that the practice of artificially inflating Tag requests is strictly prohibited under these Terms of Service. Inflating shall include, but is not limited to, the machine generation of Tag requests via robots, spiders, computer scripts, or human generated requests performed for the sole purpose of increasing Tag request or persistent identifier web site visitation counts. This determination is made at the sole discretion of Narratiive, and Narratiive retains the right to revert to panel numbers or discount inflated traffic in the event Narratiive determines manipulation has occurred.