Welcome to Marketplace

Hi there, and welcome to Narratiive Marketplace. 👋

1. What is the Narratiive Marketplace?

Marketplace is the largest Digital supply directory. A tool that gives you visibility and intelligence on Providers: their key information, owned properties, numbers summary, audience profile and available offerings.

2. Who should use the Narratiive Marketplace?

The Marketplace is fit-to-purpose for both Marketers and Providers.
- Marketers (demand side): agencies, brands, advertisers, researchers, consultancies
- Providers (supply side): publishers, influencers, eCommerce & classifieds, ad networks, data & tech companies

3- What are the key benefits of the Narratiive Marketplace?

- For Marketers: explore, discover and gain valuable insights on Marketing suppliers.

- For Providers: be visible to customers and showcase all the value you can provide. Gain access to up-to-date competitive intelligence

Last reviewed: 20 Sep 2020 (AI)

Last updated: 20 Sep 2020 (AI)