Accessing and using Marketplace

This article will help you to understand how you can access and use Narratiive Marketplace.

Do I get access to the Marketplace by default?

If you can’t access the Marketplace, get in touch with your Narratiive representative or reach us at to check for your company eligibility.

Why some Providers don’t have all information available in their Profiles?

To display some types of information in their Profiles like key metrics and top interests, Providers need to be measured by Narratiive and perform Social integrations.
Providers validated by the Narratiive measurement and with Social integrations completed, give a more insightful experience to the users and therefore are eligible to be present in more types of queries, besides ranking higher positions on the exploration results.

What if a Profile I am looking for is not on the Marketplace?

More Profiles are added to the Marketplace on an ongoing basis, but if the Provider you are looking for is not yet there, you can request our team for a status on it by reaching us on

How can I grant access to the Marketplace for other members of my team?

Requesting access for a new user can be done on the Team membership section.
Go to: My settings (top right corner) > Team membership > Add new member.
A Narratiive representative will follow up on your request with the most suitable alternative, already considering your company’s relationship with Narratiive.

Last reviewed: 20 Sep 2020 (AI)

Last updated: 20 Sep 2020 (AI)