Understanding App Measurement

App Measurement Explained

Narratiive offers the ability to measure beyond simple app download metrics with actual app usage (session, duration and page view metrics). This data provides marketers and planners with trusted and accurate data in a familiar interface within the Narratiive dashboard.

Some benefits of app measurement:

  • Compare app usage with website traffic.
  • Track more than app downloads; also understand overall app usage.
  • Measure app stickiness with both unique browser (device) and page (screen) impression metrics.
  • Understand engagement metrics such as time spent using the app.
  • Benchmark your app metrics against others in your country or category.
  • Provide agencies with credible stats for all your online assets.

App Measurement Methodology

Measuring your app is similar to that of a standard webpage. Every app screen load is considered as a page view, providing the action is user generated and most of the screen is updated. The Narratiive beacon should fire on each new screen load to ensure accurate app metrics.

The unique browsers (UB) metric is also known as a “unique device” within other app analytics packages. This is essentially the same thing, an audience measurement metric to approximate people.

Audience measurement metrics collected are:

  • Unique browsers (devices)
  • Average daily unique browsers
  • Visits
  • Page views (screen views)
  • Average page duration (average screen duration)
  • Average visit duration 
  • Average page views (average screen views)

Technical Details

Tagging Apps

To start measuring your app usage, your developer should implement the Narratiive app beacon by following the instructions for either iOS or Android

Once configured, you should get in touch with our support team so we can configure your app to be visible in the dashboard. The implementation and data validation process takes 1-2 months after which the data is set to live in the dashboard.

Once live, app usage metrics will be reported in the Narratiive dashboard. The data is displayed alongside other app and website data providing a complete market view of your audience across devices.

Traffic Collection

Traffic data is sent to Narratiive in real time over HTTP using our iOS and Android SDKs. No buffering of data is performed by the SDK and a persistent connection to the internet is required for reliable collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Unique Browser/Device count based upon?

  • Android - The app code for Android generates an Android_ID that is stored when the device first boots up. 
  • iOS - Apple devices use the UUID for mobile devices, which is essentially the unique browser identifier used for the measurement.

Are demographics reported for apps?

App based demographic profiling is not currently available.

The main barrier to demographics is that apps don't have the ability to run surveys so demographic profiling can't be linked to apps.

Is it possible to view a de-duplicated audience report for apps as for websites? 

Apps use cookies but they are distinct from browser cookies.

Unique apps can therefore be de-duplicated but a single user who consumes content via the app and the website will be counted twice because the app and web browser, even on the same device, are identified separately.