Verifying Traffic Collection

Once you've correctly implemented the Narratiive tracking tag on all content pages of your site, traffic data will start flowing to Narratiive. This data will be reported in the dashboard for your site.

To compare your Narratiive figures with other traffic analytics platforms, the most directly comparable metric is worldwide page views. Other metrics (e.g. visitors) are calculated differently by each platform and cannot be meaningfully compared.

Comparing Narratiive traffic to Google Analytics

To compare Narratiive traffic data to Google Analytics you can compare worldwide page views.

If worldwide page views are closely aligned with Google Analytics, you can be confident that Narratiive is correctly capturing traffic data for your site. Differences in other metrics are a result of Narratiive employing a different measurement methodology, from other platforms, for those metrics.

For more information, take a look at our article titled Why are my Google Analytics numbers different to my Narratiive numbers?

Reporting a discrepancy between Narratiive and Google Analytics

Depending upon Internet performance where your visitors are located, you can expect a discrepancy of between 5 and 10 per cent when comparing worldwide page views for your site in both Narratiive and Google Analytics.  If you have compared, and there is a discrepancy of more than 10 per cent, you can contact and our team will work with you to investigate the reason for the difference.

To assist us to investigate, our support team ask you to grant us read access to your Google Analytics dashboard, by adding as read only user to your Google Analytics account.

Please include your publisher name and the sites you are querying in your request.