Understanding the Query Builder

The query builder lets you customise a query to tell your story.

You can edit the following query details:

  • Filters - Target your audience via an unprecedented set of broad and detailed targeting characteristics.
    • Audience filters - Broadly shape your audience location, age and gender.
    • Detailed targeting - Pinpoint your target audience by including, narrowing-down or excluding specific characteristics from your audience.
  • Presentation options - Alter date range, the chart or table visualisation type, add or remove measures and more.
    • Date range selection - Choose a relative or custom date range for your query.
    • Presentation options - Set your visualisation, measures and group-by.
  • Market size & exporting - Get an overview of your market size, see duplication figures if applicable, and export to a range of formats.
    • Market size - View your queries total audience UB count, the duplication between your group-by items and the overall demographic sample size.
    • Exporting - Export handy CSV or XLSX files for editing and graphing in spreadsheet software. Export JSON for advanced data users. Export as PNG and PDF for use in presentations or meetings.

Last reviewed: 8th Jul 2019 (MH)
Last updated: 
8th Jul 2019 (MH)