Understanding the Query Builder

The query builder lets you customise a query to tell your story.

You can edit the following query details:

  • Market filter - add multiple audience attributes to filter to a selected market (e.g. filter to one or more countries).
  • Target filters - add multiple audience attributes to see how closely a result matches within the selected market (e.g. target a particular demographic profile).

    See our Understanding filters article for more information about the market and target filters.

  • Presentation - choose the way your query is displayed (e.g. show a line chart).
  • Split - choose an attribute to break out and enable a comparison (e.g. split out a list of websites).
  • Measures - display multiple online metrics (e.g. show unique browsers, page views, etc). Think of these as your data columns.

    See our Understanding Narratiive measures article for more information about measures.

  • Time Span - select a time span to restrict the period displayed (e.g. last 7 days).

Last reviewed: 27 Jul 2018 (AP)
Last updated: 27 Jul 2018 (AP)

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