What is emPower?

emPower audience segments are built from the largest cookie pool in MENA and Africa, thanks to the the emPower data co-operative for local publishers in emerging markets. Once a publisher joins the data co-operative and installs the Narratiive tracking code, the code launches demographic surveys and collects behavioural data, which we use to form audience segments.

Types of segments

There are three types of emPower audience segments and they are all built with different data collection methods.

  1. Demographic audience segments are created using onsite surveys to build segments such as gender, age and nationality.
  2. Online behaviour segments are created using audience site browsing behaviour to build segments such as sports, female lifestyle and fashion categories.
  3. Intention to purchase segments are created using selected eCommerce sites and using product/brand-based site browsing to build segments such as BMW Series-3 Intender, iPhone Intender and Property Purchase Intender.

All our audience segments are available to advertisers through DoubleClick, MediaMath, The Trade Desk and Lotame

You can view over 500 of our audience segments using our search tool

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