What is emPower?

emPower is a data co-operative for publishers in emerging markets. Through emPower, publishers can monetise their audience data and earn a new stream of revenue from international agencies in the programmatic advertising industry.

How does it work?

Once a publisher installs the Narratiive tracking code on their website and opts in to the co-operative, the code launches demographic surveys and collects behavioural data by tracking site browsing. We use this data to create anonymous audience segments that advertisers can use for targeted programmatic advertising.

How does the revenue model work?

The publisher revenue share is based on the percentage contribution to the total regional Unique Browsers to the data pool. Unique Browsers are calculated by Narratiive and reported in our Audience Measurement Dashboard.

e.g. If a publisher contributes 10% of the month's regional Unique Browsers, then that publisher will receive 10% of the publisher revenue share.

We provide quarterly reports for transparency on revenue generation.

Who is eligible to join the emPower data co-operative?

emPower is currently available to publishers and websites in MENA and Africa.

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