If you're a team admin, you can add others to your Narratiive team dashboard to share your workspaces and let them create their own. 

  1. Visit the dashboard home page and log in if necessary.  

    ⏩  You may skip steps 2 - 4 and visit the invite team member page directly.
  2. Select the icon representing your profile (the icon at the top right of the page).
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select the Members card.
  5. Select the invite member option (the plus icon to the right of "invite member" in the member page header).
  6. Type the email address and name of the team member you want to invite.
  7. Select Invite.

The team member will receive an email inviting them to join your Narratiive team dashboard.

ℹ️ Keep in mind

  • Only team admins can upgrade a team's subscription.

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Last reviewed: 20 Jul 2018 (AP)

Last updated: 20 Oct 2017 (AP)

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